About us

Mark-Bau d.o.o. performs high quality and complete construction services. The company operates primarily in Zagreb and Zagreb County, but also throughout Croatia.

Mission and vision

From the very beginning Mark-Bau d.o.o. has one mission and vision, which is to become one of the leading construction companies in the Croatian area, and is increasingly closer to the set goal day by day, the mission is achieved in the area of the City of Zagreb through the fulfilment of daily goals and satisfied clients. Every satisfied client is our primary goal, and with high-quality performance, we make all our clients satisfied.


As the most significant segment of activity, we emphasize the area of high construction for a market with a very high market share in the City of Zagreb, related to many years of tradition, experience and quality confirmed on the market. So far, experience gained building several thousand facilities, and our own technological and project solutions, engineering, the introduction of novelties and visionary ideas of young experts are used to adapt to all customers, clients and investors.


Awareness of customer satisfaction and market breakthrough with an emphasis on quality work has always required achieving a high level of quality of our products.

Fire protection systems


The facade is not just the decoration of the building - it must also meet important criteria in terms of protection. Like the skin, the construction facade takes over multiple functions: protective, insulating and aesthetic. At the same time, the facade, of course, is the business card of your house. The atmospheric moisture must not penetrate through the facade system, and moisture from the interior of the rooms must be constantly exiting. Oscillations and temperature differences up to 50 ° C constantly burden the facade system. The residential climate is a decisive factor in the quality of life. When adjusting constant room temperature - by cooling in summer or thermal insulation in winter - the facade system takes over the main task. If it effectively fulfils its task, it is noted primarily on heating costs and other costs that occur due to repairs, such as repair of damage caused by moisture or mould. Different ways of applying and different substrates, from facade systems, require a special approach when choosing materials, all components must be compatible with each other. For optimal functionality, the wall and facade system must be perfectly harmonized.

Plasterboard works

We have built our reputation in plaster-work and painting works with high-quality performance and exceptional customer satisfaction, paying special attention to the details in each project. Our finished project is exposed every day in houses, apartments, business and residential buildings, reflecting our expertise in different environments. Fast and constant communication and attention dedicated to details are our way to exceed your expectations. Together we will achieve a clear understanding of your project and find a suitable colour, wallpaper or other material that would suit your needs. We appreciate the time and energy you invest in the project to improve your home and your choice of distinguished interior and exterior painters. Whether your project consists of inner, external or carpentry painting we believe that no job would make us sacrifice our good reputation. From preparation to the final cleaning, we focus on the details to make sure that our work will not only look great but will also last. We offer a free cost estimate, excellent value and extremely competitive price to guarantee that every project you entrust us with is properly completed and that you are completely satisfied.